Singing gently at the thresholds of life 
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About the Sydney Threshold Choir

Established in December 2008 in Balmain, Sydney, Australia, the Sydney Threshold Choir was the first Threshold Choir in Australia. Over the ensuing years, choir members have been invited to sing beside the bedside in private homes, palliative care hospitals, general hospitals, nursing homes and retirement villages. We have sung at memorials, conferences, funerals and 

special events.

We are women from all backgrounds, cultures, ages and beliefs.

We have a joy in singing together. The context in which we sing is “kindness made audible”. We have found that singing for others and also for ourselves has added a layer of softness, emotional support and sensitivity to our lives. 

How to join the Sydney Threshold Choir

New members are welcome. To join us please contact Susie using the form below. She will send you a Welcome Letter with the details.


Currently, under Covid retrictions, we are rehearsing every Wednesday evening from 7pm – 8pm on Zoom. Our Musical Director, Trish Watts or Song Mothers from the Choir, are leading rehearsal.



During these times of uncertainty
we are singing virtually rather than in person.


We are able to sing by Telephone or Facetime or Zoom.

To enquire and reserve a singing appointment, please call Belinda on 0415 725 651. 


Or send us a message via our Facebook page

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