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Song Leadership workshop

On Saturday, 5 October 2019 we held a Song Leadership workshop to expand our song repertoire and deepen our understanding of how best to sing by the bedside to people who are close to the end of their lives.

Led by the wonderful Doreen Conte from the Davis Threshold Choir, California USA, sharing her extensive wisdom and talent, the workshop was inspiring. As Song Mother of the Davis Threshold Choir, Doreen sings to over 30 palliative care patients every week!

Learning many new Threshold songs was enormous fun. Most of the songs we sing are written by Threshold Choir members from around the world and are calming, repetitive melodies with harmonies. The real inspiration came from learning the role of Song Mother: including how to communicate with the person we are singing to and their family; intuitively choosing the right songs for that person; and guiding the singers on pitch, tone and volume.

Eleven of us attended the workshop, including members of the Sydney, Newcastle, and Central Coast Threshold choirs, as well as a member of the Tender Community Funerals Choir in Port Kembla. What an amazing community Threshold choir is part of! We were all reminded of the healing power of our amazing Threshold Choir and the intimacy and connection it provides for us all.

With love and deep affection, we are claiming Doreen as one of our own and we look forward to her return.

Belinda, singing in choir since 2011


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